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Advertising My Station

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Where to advertise?

We’d recommend posting on forums about your station, specifically those specialising in either voiceovers or general Internet Radio topics. Secondly, Facebook groups are great for this kind of thing (i.e. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Internet.Radio.Station.Advertising/) and have been known to increase traffic.

Another good way is to invest in advertisements, find a theme or a “selling point” for your desired demographic and run with it — create an ad campaign somewhere people will see it, forums often allow you to advertise online at affordable prices. You should add your station to numerous directories too, a notable mention is BroadcastingWorld (http://www.broadcastingworld.com/stations/).

Advertising a station is essentially blood, sweat and tears. But if you are providing good, consistent and interesting content — you’ll get there in the end. If you need any more tips, let us know. Our team is full of them.

What does my site need?

Make sure your site looks good to modern standards. Adding additional content about the radio station is a good extra. It is also important that your site is mobile compatible, a large amount of the internet traffic these days is from mobile. So try to avoid Flash as much as possible. To play the station se suggest to use Player or Muses. (Don’t use the Centova Cast player widget, this one is Flash only and outdated)


We offer apps for Android and iOS. These also help to promote your station and attract new people. It will also have a higher return ratio as the app will catch the listener’s eye every time they look at their apps. That is an advantage compared to an app where your station is listed with thousands of others.

Directory listings

Many people discover radio stations via directories such as TuneIn and SHOUTcast.com. Being in those lists is important. We also suggest to add many relevant tags and a good description. Also a catchy name can help to get people attracted. Here is a small list of radio directories we’ve found (own one yourself? Feel free to submit an edit suggestion)


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